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Structured overview of Harzing.com blogposts on the following themes: academic publishing, creating research impact, doing (international) research, academic etiquette, using the Publish or Perish software, academic careers, gender in academia, research focus and conference reports.

Personal posts

Academic publishing

Resources related specifically to academic publishing and academic impact.

Research impact

Doing (international) Research

Resources related to doing academic research, with a particular focus on doing international research.

Academic Etiquette

Shorter tongue-in-cheek posts on how to “behave” in academia. They do have a serious undertone though. Etiquette in academia is probably not a world apart from etiquette elsewhere. But it can’t hurt to be reminded :-)

Watch an interview on the Publish or Perish software

Using the Publish or Perish software

Posts related to using the Publish or Perish software. Publish or Perish is designed to help individual academics to present their case for research impact to its best advantage, even if you have very few citations. You can also use it to decide which journals to submit to, to prepare for a job interview, to do a literature review, to do bibliometric research, to write laudatios or obituaries, or to do some homework before meeting your academic hero. Publish or Perish is a real Swiss army knife.

Academic careers and career progression

Posts dealing with a range of topics related to academic careers and career progression. Whilst the main focus is on research, there are also topics on administration and teaching.

CYGNA: Women in Academia

Resources focusing on gender in academia, largely based on our two-monthly CYGNA meetings. If you'd like to be on the mailing list for CYGNA, just let me know. Note: many of these topics will be just as relevant for male academics.

Research focus

Short research write-ups that allow you to get the “gist” of research on a topic without having to read the entire article. Most posts relate to my own research on expatriation and HQ-subsidiary relationships, the international research process, and the quality and impact of research, but many Middlesex colleagues and CYGNA members have also published guest posts on my blog.


HQ-subsidiary relationships

Doing international research

Quality and impact of academic research

Guest posts by colleagues and CYGNA members

Conference and seminar reports

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