Looking for multilingual PoP support resources?

Provides a list of videos on using Publish or Perish in a variety of languages

As someone doing research into language diversity I know only too well how the use of English can be a barrier for those with different mother tongues. I am therefore delighted that members of the PoP community have been creating training videos in their own languages.

List of videos

The resources below are of varying quality and provided for your convenience only; I do not guarantee 100% accuracy. As non-native speakers of English might find videos with a specific type of English accent easier to follow, I also list videos in English with non-native accents.

The listing is by recency, with most recent videos listed at the top. Earlier videos will be using an older version of the software, but might still be useful for a quick introduction in your language. 

Have you recently created training for Publish or Perish? Please let me know and I'll list it here.

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