My research interests have broadened over the years and now span topics that range from international and cross-cultural management to the international research process and the wider impact of academic research.

To keep things manageable, I tend to subdivide my research work into the following programmes. The boundaries between them are not rigid; much of the work I do extends over several areas.

International HRM & Staffing Policies Focuses on several aspects relating to the human dimension of international business. Specific areas of interests are expatriates as control mechanisms in MNCs, expatriate failure, staffing policies and the role of expatriates in knowledge transfer in MNCs.
HQ-Subsidiary Relationships in MNCs Investigates various aspects of strategy, structure, and control mechanisms in MNCs. Specific areas of interest include country-of-origin effects, entry modes, and MNC and subsidiary typologies.
The International Research Process Reviews research process issues in international research, often critically evaluating received wisdom. Projects have focused on academic referencing, international mail surveys, translation issues, stability of cultural dimensions, and the role of cultural distance in international research.
Transfer of HRM Practices in MNCs Researches one of the central questions in the literature on MNCs: the extent to which their subsidiaries act and behave as local firms (local isomorphism) versus the extent to which their practices resemble those of the parent company or some other global standard (internal consistency).
Language in International Business Explores the importance of language barriers in international business and its implications for the management of MNCs. Aims to integrate the fields of international management, socio-linguistics and cross-cultural training and communication.
Quality and Impact of Academic Research A critical assessment of the quality and impact of academic research and academic journals, as well as the role of editors and editorial boards in the publishing process. Includes large-scale assessments of citation-based impact metrics based, the use of Google Scholar, and bibliometrics for the Social Sciences.

The volume "Grands Auteurs en Management International" devotes an entire chapter to my contributions to the field of International Business. I am the youngest academic featured in the volume, which also includes prominent IB researchers such as John Dunning, Peter Buckley, Christopher Bartlett, CK Prahalad, Sumantra Ghoshal, Geert Hofstede, and Edward Hall.

Selected recent publications

Below is a small selection of my recent publications. For a full list (more than 160 books, book chapters and academic papers), see Full list of publications.

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