Using the Publish or Perish software

How to use the Publish or Perish software effectively for a wide variety of purposes

This book is a guide to the Publish or Perish software. You can download the software here: Publish or Perish (Windows) and here: Publish or Perish on macOS. For more about the software, see Publish or Perish in the news and Publish or Perish training resources.

Publication details

Harzing, A.W. (2023) Using the Publish or Perish software: Crafting your career in academia, Published by Tarma Software Research Ltd, London, United Kingdom.

  • Kindle edition, 445 pp. ISBN 978-1-7394538-4-8.
  • Black & white paperback, 375pp. ISBN 978-1-7394538-3-1.
    • $19.99,  Amazon US, £15.99  Amazon UK
    • also available on other national Amazon stores.
  • Black & white hardcover, 375pp. ISBN 978-17394538-5-5.
    • $39.99,  Amazon US, £29.99  Amazon UK
    • also available on other national Amazon stores.

Book description

This guide provides you with practical step-by-step guidance on using the Publish or Perish software. After reading this guide, you will know more about citation analysis than 99% of your academic colleagues! You will learn all about its user interface and multi-searches centre, the metrics that PoP calculates, as well as the eight data sources that the software interfaces with. The two most frequently used of these data sources – Google Scholar and Google Scholar Profiles – are discussed in detail in separate chapters.

The guide then shows you how to conduct effective author, journal, topic, and affiliation searches, as well as how to use the software for a wide variety of purposes. This includes tenure or promotion applications, conducting literature reviews and meta-analyses, deciding where to submit your paper, preparing for job interviews, writing laudations or obituaries, finding reviewers, examiners, or keynote speakers, preparing for a meeting with your academic hero, uncovering “citation connections” between scholars, doing bibliometric research and much much more. 

Table of contents

Below is the chapter outline of the book. If you would like to know more about what is included in its 375 pages, you can download a very detailed table of contents and the introduction to the book here.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Publish or Perish interface
  • Chapter 2: Multi-searches centre
  • Chapter 3: Citation Metrics
  • Chapter 4: Data sources
  • Chapter 5: Google Scholar: strengths and weaknesses
  • Chapter 6: Google Scholar Citations Profile
  • Chapter 7: Author searches
  • Chapter 8: Journal searches
  • Chapter 9: Topic and affiliation searches
  • Chapter 10: Presenting your case for tenure or promotion
  • Chapter 11: Evaluating other academics
  • Chapter 12: Doing a literature review search
  • Chapter 12: Researching target journals
  • Chapter 14: Doing bibliometric research
  • Chapter 15: Development of PoP over the years
  • Conclusion
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