Everything you always wanted to know about impact...

Book chapter providing a quick overview of the what, why, how and where of research impact

I have always loved the book How to get published in the best management journals for its "behind the scenes" look at the academic publishing process. Hence I was delighted when Mike Wright - who very sadly has passed away since - asked me to write a chapter on research impact for its 2nd edition.

  • Harzing, A.W. (2020): Everything you always wanted to know about impact..., in: Clark, T.; Wright, M.; Ketchen, D. How to get published in the best management journals, 2nd edition. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 127-141. Available online... - Publisher's version


Academics and universities worldwide have increasingly been subjected to monitoring and evaluation of research outputs. Research impact has become a buzzword and the use of metrics for research evaluation has become an integral part of the academic landscape. The adverse impact of this “audit culture” is well documented. A reversal of this trend, however, is unlikely; it is therefore important for academics to be aware of these debates. This chapter therefore provides a brief introduction into research impact, based on my academic research in the area, 12.5 years of user support for Publish or Perish - a free software program for citation analysis - and my presentations and blogposts on the topic.

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