How to create a sustainable academic career

Reports on Martyna Sliwa's presentation on career progression in the UK higher education environment

My current academic passions are creating a better understanding of the role of language in IB (and academia), improving research evaluation in the Social Sciences, and helping academics find their way in an increasingly competitive academic world. It is therefore not surprising that I am a big fan of Martyna Śliwa's work which touches upon many of these themes, sometimes even in one and the same project (see also: On academic life: collaborations and active engagement).

I was therefore delighted that Martyna agreed to join us at Middlesex University for a presentation on the very timely and relevant topic of creating a sustainable career whilst preserving one's own health and wellbeing. You can view the whole presentation on my YouTube channel and you can download the slides here.

Presentation synopsis

The seminar will address the importance of considering career development planning in the context of personal wellbeing and sustainability. It will discuss a range of practical considerations that relate to career progression within the current UK higher education environment. I will encourage the seminar participants to reflect on whether and to what extent early career researchers can influence the ways in which their career develops whilst at the same time preserving their own health and wellbeing. I will also suggest some strategies for building a career in a sustainable manner, and will offer practical examples of the commonly encountered challenges and solutions that can be applied to overcome them.

Martyna's short bio

Martyna Śliwa [4th from left in the 18th CYGNA meeting below] is Professor of Management and Ogranisation Studies as well as Director of Postgraduate Research at Essex Business School, University of Essex. Her current research focuses on diversity and intersectionality in organisations operating in the international context, with a special emphasis on linguistic and gender diversity. Martyna has extensive experience of supporting and mentoring doctoral students and early career academics. She is an active member of the British Academy of Management and an Associate Editor of the British Journal of Management and Management Learning.

Martyna is also an active member of CYGNA (= SWAN, Supporting Women in Academia Network) and has provided us with two well-researched and highly engaging presentations:

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