Global Supply Chain Responsibility: Traceability and the resource orchestration perspective

Reports on a seminar organized by Middlesex's Business Ethics, CSR and Governance Research Cluster

[Guest post by CYGNA member Dr Andrea Werner. In this post Andrea reports on a seminar she organized on behalf of Middlesex University's Business Ethics, CSR and Governance Research Cluster.]

On 5 November 2019, Middlesex University hosted a seminar on Global Supply Chain Responsibility, chaired by Dr Andrea Werner [see picture] and featuring presentation from Dr Yan Jiang a lecturer at the Business School who researches sustainable global sourcing of MNCs, and Visiting Professor Adrian Henriques, an adviser on corporate responsibility, social accountability, supply chain issues and sustainability, who has worked with a range of multi-national companies and NGOs.

Yan Jiang presented her recently published paper on an integrated conceptual framework for the emergent field of sustainable global sourcing, based on a resource orchestration perspective. Her presentation entitled Achieving sustainability in global sourcing: towards a conceptual framework can be downloaded here.

Adrian Henriques [download presentation here] talked about the concept of traceability in supply chains, the drivers for increased traceability, what is involved in making it operational throughout the value chain and why it is so limited in practice. He also contrasted traceability with chain of custody.

We were particularly pleased that the event drew a sizeable and varied audience, including a wide range of Business School academics and post-graduate students, researchers from other disciplines, as well as practitioners. Even though the presenters kept their to their allocated time-slots, we ran out of time as both presentations were followed up by lots of questions and a lively discussion with the audience. 

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