English as a Lingua Franca in Academia

Reports on my presentation at Manchester Metropolitan University

My co-author and loyal CYGNA member Olga Kuznetsova had invited me to give a presentation at her university. After due deliberation, we chose English as a Lingua Franca in Academia as a topic. It was an extended and updated version of a presentation I did at my first European Academy of Management conference.

In the presentation I applied my research in three different areas to the role of English as a Lingua Franca in academia.

  1. Language in International Business, dealing with country-of-origin effects, bridge individuals, power, and power/authority distortion.
  2. The impact of foreign language use on thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, discussing the impact of English language use on questionnaire responses, feelings about key business concepts, and competitive behaviour.
  3. Bibliometrics research, illustrating how Google Scholar promotes the diffusion of multilingual scholarship.

The full presentation can be downloaded from here. If you are interested in these topics, feel free to drop me a line if you want to share something.

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