Video resources: International HRM

Regularly updated list of interesting video resources in the field of International HRM

If you are doing resarch in the broad field of international HRM, you might be interested in these recordings. They will allow you to get access to some of the latest thinking in this area. This list will continue to be updated with new videos, so check back regularly.

Dare to be different, publishing and academic careers

I have cut up my presentation in the IHRM seminar series (see next section) into shorter videos, allowing easier access to sections of interest. The first two videos show the presentation itself and some recommendations on how to navigate academia as a PhD student or ECR.

The six other videos are short videos on individual topics, mainly based on questions in the Q&A. The first two dealt with publishing in top journals and publishing multidisciplinary research/

The next two videos provide some reflections on how to do research with social relevance and whether or not doing a PhD later in life is a good idea.

The final videos present my personal reflections on my own academic career and more generally on why I think academia can till be a great career option for some.

HRM webinar series

Pandemic challenges of 2020 inspired a team of IHRM researchers to organize a series of webinars focusing specifically on international HRM topics. The webinar series has been co-organized by the Centre for Global Workforce Strategy at Simon Fraser University (Canada), the Penn State Center for International Human Resource Studies (USA), and ESCP Business School (Europe).

Since August 2020, the team has managed to organise seminars during most months of the semester. Hats off to the entire team, not just for the initiative, but even more so for their persistance. I know only too well how challenging it can be to sustain initiatives.

Conference panels and cafes

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