PoP 8 new features (5): Download and export of abstracts

Week 5 of a weekly announcement of new features of Publish or Perish version 8

On the 1st of November 2021, nearly exactly 15 years after first launching Publish or Perish, we released version 8 of the software. After two months of "soft launch", we are now ready to publicise its new features. To do so, I will post about a new feature every Thursday. If you want a complete overview have a look at this blogpost: Publish or Perish version 8.

Abstracts in new details panel

In addition to metrics and full reference details, abstracts are now downloaded by Publish or Perish. Abstracts for each paper are now visible in the new paper details panel, making it very easy to quickly scan articles for relevance.

They are also included with all the other meta-data when you export your results from PoP to a variety of formats, including BibTeX, Endnote, ISI, JSON, RefMan/Ris, and CSV (for importing into databases and spreadsheets), as well a full search report. An overview of all the exporting options can be found in the Publish or Perish manual.

This new feature is ideal for reviewing a set of results in more details, conducting content analyses in a research project, importing abstracts with other bibliographic details in a reference management program, or even creating word clouds from a set of article abstracts. Please let me know if you have found another interesting use for this new function or if you simply want to provide feedback.

Which data sources provide abstracts?

Note that not all data sources provide (complete sets of) abstracts. Here is a summary:

  • CrossRef: provides abstracts for some results only
  • Google Scholar: provides the first few lines of the abstract only
  • Google Scholar Profile: no abstracts
  • Microsoft Academic: provides abstracts for most results (note: Microsoft Academic has discontinued its service at 31 December 2021)
  • PubMed: provides abstracts for all results
  • Scopus: no abstracts
  • Semantic Scholar: no abstracts
  • Web of Science: provides abstracts for all results

Download Publish or Perish version 8

You can download the latest version of Publish or Perish from the following pages:

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