2nd CYGNA Global Virtual Meeting: MBTI & Stress

Reports on our 32nd CYGNA meeting - our second virtual meeting discussing stress trigger factors for different MBTI types

Since founding CYGNA in 2014 we have had 30 physical meetings. We were all set for another meeting in March when the coronavirus lockdown struck in the UK. Fortunately, we have all become used to a virtual world. So after surviving the first busy lock-down month, we decided to move the May meeting online and adapt its theme to "Coping with a Pandemic"!

As the meeting was a big success, we decided to organize another meeting in June rather than follow CYGNA's normal "once every other month" schedule. It was another very successful meeting with 35 participants. The first 25 can be seen here. I didn't manage to get a picture of the second screen, but there are pictures of most of the other participants below.

Although many participants had attended the May meeting as well, we had 14 new participants, many of which had never (or rarely) been able to attend a physical meeting either. So it was great to expand the network this way. Over a third of the participants were from outside the UK, representing nine countries altogether.

MBTI & Stress

In November 2018 Argyro Avgoustaki had organized a wonderful meeting at the ESCP campus: CYGNA: Understand your co-author(s) & yourself with MBTI. She became so interested in the topic that she trained to become a certified MBTI trainer herself. So for our June session Argyro gave a presentation about MBTI & Stress in COVID-19 times.

I have been interested in MBTI for nearly 20 years, but even so I picked up quite a few new things from Argyro's amazing presentation. She has a wonderful ability to make complex concepts accessible, her students are very lucky! Unfortunately, the presentation was copyrighted so we cannot share the slides as we normally do. This time you really had to be there!!! Here are two slides though with pictures of some of the other attendees not shown above.

During the meeting, which took place at what might well be the hottest day of the UK Summer, we even designed a new research project linking MBTI with our own research interests. So not even 30 degree offices and virtual meetings will stop us dreaming up new research!

The diehards

After the official meeting ended, eleven diehards stayed on talking about the future of universities. Finally, we had a debrief session with the organizing team. By the time we logged off, we had been online for more than three hours. But time had flown. Looking forward to the next virtual CYGNA meeting!

Have a nice Summer

This is my last blogpost for the Summer. We will conduct a few CYGNA mini-jam sessions over the Summer. These are small-group meetings initiated by individual CYGNA members in which they nominate specific topics that they woud like advice on. However, to comply with the spirit of these sessions, they will remain private. So have a good break and see you all in September!

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