Improve your Research Profile (5): The 4Cs of getting cited

The fifth in an 8-part series on improving your research profile, reputation and impact. Explains what to do - ethically! - to improve the chances of your work being cited.

This presentation is part of an 8-part series that I created in my role as Staff Development Lead at Middlesex University (see: Supportive, inclusive & collaborative research cultures). The series is comprised of three key parts:

Competence, collaboration, care, and communication

In this 5th episode of the presentation series, we'll talk about how to get cited. I’ll discuss the four Cs of citation impact: competence, collaboration, care, and communication. Watch the presentation to find out more.

The four Cs were chosen in analogy to four Ps of publication: perform, practice, participate and persist and should help you to remember the four aspects more easily. In my presentation, I can only give you a quick overview. If you want to learn more about this then look at the blogpost and associated white paper that I’ve written.

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