WAIB Woman of the Year award

Anne-Wil awarded "Woman of the Year award" by the Women in the Academy of International Business

I wasn't planning to post again before late August, but this was too good to miss. Absolutely thrilled to win the WAIB - Women in the Academy of International Business "Woman of the Year award" at the #AIB2022 conference for my research on gender in academia, building up the CYGNA Women in Academia Network with close to 50 meetings to date, and nearly 30 years of mentorship of female academics more generally, most recently through my blog and my YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, I was unable to join the Miami conference, but CYGNA members Cordula Barzantny and Maria Elo did the honors and picked up the award on my behalf. It is wonderful how #cygnawomen can stand in for each other everywhere! WAIB even thoughtfully recorded the announcement, which can be found on YouTube here.

Huge thanks to Lorraine Eden and Axele Giroud for nominating me and to the mentees and co-authors who wrote short testimonials for one of the nomination letters: Athina Dilmperi, Betina Szkudlarek, Christa Sathish, Kim Heejin, Helen Hu, Helena Martins, Helene Tenzer, Ling Eleanor Zhang, Luísa Helena Pinto, María Bastida, Mariana Dodourova, Martyna Śliwa, Shasha Zhao, and Shea Fan.

Working with you all makes life in academia a joy! Hope we can celebrate together at our next CYGNA Women in Academia Network meeting.

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