Before COVID-19 our events took place every two months at a London-based university. Meetings would normally run on Friday afternoons with a 15.00 start, followed by dinner to allow for more informal interaction.

Every meeting includes a mix of presentations, focusing on specifc research topics, research methods, career perspectives, publishing and research impact. We also regularly invite female scholars from other countries to broaden the network.

Since COVID-19, we run monthly meetings; all meetings are run online and attended by CYGNA members from all over the world.

If you are interested in being on the mailing list and/or attending our events please contact Anne-Wil Harzing ( Feel free to share this information to anyone who might be interested. We also maintain a readings and inspirations section for female academics and have a Twitter hashtag #cygna_london. A quick overview of past presentations can be found here. For a full description of our network see: Celebrating CYGNA: Supporting women in academia. An overview of blogposts of nearly all our meetings is here: CYGNA: Resource collection for the summer holidays.

Organizing Committee

Argyro Avgoustaki (, ESCP Europe
Anne-Wil Harzing (, Middlesex University
Linn Eleanor Zhang (, Loughborough University London
Shasha Zhao (, University of Surrey

Forthcoming meetings

Please note: all times are London time, i.e. Winter time GMT+0, Summer time GMT+1.

Meeting 42: 24 September 2021,13.00-16.00: All the WHYs and HOWs you need to know about Coaching

Organizer: Linn Eleanor Zhang, Loughborough University London

PART 1: How can coaching help enhance your career?

  • Axèle Giroud, Professor of International Business, Alliance Manchester Business School: Why do I want to pursue coaching as a senior leader?
  • Raija Salomaa, Senior Executive Coach, Coaching Supervisor, Why would it be beneficial to enhance career capital through coaching?
  • Judie M Gannon, Senior Lecturer - Coaching & Mentoring/Human Resource Management, Oxford Brookes Business School: Why as female academics should we all engage with coaching and mentoring?

PART 2: How to get started as a coach and coachee?

  • Nathalie van Meurs, Senior Lecturer Business & Management, Middlesex University Business School: Why would accredited coaching be my choice?
  • Lesley Hetherington, Owner of LESLEY HETHERINGTON LTD: The 5 WHYS that you need to know about coaching.
  • Athina Dilmperi, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Middlesex University Business School: How to make the most out of coaching sessions as a coachee?

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Previous meetings

Pictures and presentations from all previous meetings are available: