Meetings 2021-2022

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Meeting 42: 24 September 2021,13.00-16.00: All the WHYs and HOWs you need to know about Coaching

Organizer: Linn Eleanor Zhang, Loughborough University London

PART 1: How can coaching help enhance your career?

  • Axèle Giroud, Professor of International Business, Alliance Manchester Business School: Why do I want to pursue coaching as a senior leader?
  • Raija Salomaa, Senior Executive Coach, Coaching Supervisor, Why would it be beneficial to enhance career capital through coaching?
  • Judie M Gannon, Senior Lecturer - Coaching & Mentoring/Human Resource Management, Oxford Brookes Business School: Why as female academics should we all engage with coaching and mentoring?

PART 2: How to get started as a coach and coachee?

  • Nathalie van Meurs, Senior Lecturer Business & Management, Middlesex University Business School: Why would accredited coaching be my choice?
  • Lesley Hetherington, Owner of LESLEY HETHERINGTON LTD: The 5 WHYS that you need to know about coaching. Download slides
  • Athina Dilmperi, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Middlesex University Business School: How to make the most out of coaching sessions as a coachee? Download slides