Conference meet-ups

Report and pictures by members of the CYGNA network on conference meet-ups

Not every conference meet-up has been written up, but for those that were, this page is a repository. You can find information on how to organise a conference meet-up on our Frequently asked questions page here: Can anyone organise a conference meet-up?

EIBA 2023 Lisbon

EIBA 2023 in Lisbon was well attended by CYGNA members and we have been very active there. We chaired sessions, and supported doctoral events and post-conference workshops. We also took care of each other, sometimes by supportive presence during CYGNA members’ talks and presentations, or by just keeping each other company during awkward moments (part of every conference), such as for example a conference dinner. 

There were many informal meetings, and no one had to be alone in the evenings, unless for example they needed to finish a presentation for the next day or talk over WhatsApp with kids at home. A more formal meetup was organised on Sunday evening in the Café of the Bertrand bookshop, the world’s oldest functioning bookshop according to the Guinness World Records (see the picture above). 

We had nice chats, exchanged experiences from the conference and offered support and advice when needed, all over lovely Portuguese wine, coffee and cakes.  It was truly a great pleasure to work and have fun together during the conference. It resulted not only in nice memories, but also in new friendships and research collaborations.

Academy of Management 2023 Boston

A more extensive write-up is here: CYGNA meet-up at AoM 2023 in Boston

Over 20 Swans attended the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston. AOM is not an easy conference at which to organise a meet-up, because Swans belong to and attend different division activities at different hotels around the city.

However, we still managed to have an active WhatsApp group that allowed us to keep in touch, and thanks to the persistence of Tatiana Andreeva, we finally found a slot to meet and have dinner together.

WAIB Panel at AIB-UKI 2023 Glasgow

Ciara O'Higgins and Shasha Zhao represented CYGNA at the AIB UK and Ireland Chapter  conference WAIB and CYGNA held a joint panel on the topic of networking within academia and with other stakeholders (e.g. managers, companies and policy makers).

Each of the panelists (Maria Ilieva, Ciara O’Higgins, Shasha Zhao and Margaret Fletcher) shared their stories and experience networking in different ways that best align with our personalities; and the panel concluded with an interesting discussion about how to reach out to different types of stakeholders including NGOs.

EIBA 2021 Madrid

A more extensive write-up is here: CYGNA @EIBA Madrid 2021

Ciara O’Higgins, Inés Escobar, Madeleine Raupp, Elena Poliakova and Paula Erthal

After two years of online conferences, it was a great opportunity to meet colleagues again at the 47th Edition of the EIBA Annual Conference, organised at the Universidad Complutense, in Madrid from the 10th to the 12th of December 2021.

Nevertheless, after such a long time, and with COVID contagion numbers rising all over Europe, the prospect of attending an in-person conference was a bit daunting. Some CYGNA members were attending EIBA for the first time, but even for those who are experienced conference-goers, entering a packed room alone can be quite intimidating. With this in mind, CYGNA sisters attending EIBA decided to connect beforehand, create a WhatsApp phone group to reach out and meet up as the conference progressed.

And so the conference unfolded…. On the first night, after the Plenary Opening Session, conference attendees gathered at the Welcome Cocktail (see picture above), and several CYGNA members who had never met before managed to meet up. It was great fun and ties were created for the rest of the weekend!

EIBA 2019 Leeds

A more extensive write-up is here: EIBA Leeds: IB in a Confused World Order

This conference featured our first CYGNA dinner. Although CYGNA members had held a panel at a conference before (see WAIB Panel: Academic career strategies for women in the UK) and we have organized a writing bootcamp at Middlesex University to celebrate our 5-year anniversary, we had never organized a conference dinner before.

So when we noticed that there were no events on the program for Saturday evening we suggested a CYGNA dinner. We rapidly accumulated 15 interested swans (see picture above) for a wonderful dinner at the Indian Tiffin Room. Everyone agreed it should become a conference tradition.

WAIB Panel at AIB-UKI 2018 Birmingham

An more extensive write-up is here: WAIB Panel: Academic career strategies for women in the UK.

Fiona Moore, one of our loyal CYGNA members, organized a panel on acacemic career strategies for women at the Birmingham AIB-UKI conference on behalf of WAIB: Women in the Academy of International Business. Although similar panels have occurred at the "World" AIB conference, as far as we know this was the first time a panel like this featured at the AIB-UKI conference.

Expertly chaired by Fiona, the panel started with brief introductions in which we all told a potted history of our career trajectory. It turned out that none of us had had a particularly smooth career. In the main part of the panel, we each presented on a particular aspect of academic career strategies.

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