The Cygna charter

Documents our CYGNA charter

Rules of engagement for online meetings

The use of online platforms has increased risks related to internet security and safety. We want to make sure that our online meetings are a secure and safe place for everyone to share their views. Therefore, we would like to ask you to help us by always adhering to the following four principles:

  1. Please do not forward invites and meeting links outside the network. If you think the meeting is useful for a female colleague, do suggest they join the network first by emailing They are always welcome.
  2. Discussions in CYGNA sessions and on the mailing list are fully confidential. Please do not share them with others unless the CYGNA member in question has given explicit permission for this. This is also in accordance with the GDPR
  3. Please ensure your Zoom name includes your first and last name, and that your Zoom profile includes a photo.
  4. Please switch on your camera when joining a CYGNA Zoom meeting. You may switch off the camera later if needed.

All the above is for our own security and safety and to make sure that we continue to enjoy pleasant and inspiring meetings. By remaining on our mailing list you signal that you support our CYGNA charter.