Information for and about the Cygna network membership

Our network has nearly 300 members, representing more than 100 universities and more than 30 countries. Currently our members are concentrated in the area of Business & Management, but we are keen to expand to CYGNA wider Social Sciences and Humanities to promote interdisciplinary interaction and research.

Members come from a wide range of London based universities such as ESCP Europe, London School of Economics, King's College London, Birbeck University, Middlesex University, Royal Holloway, Imperial, London South Bank University, and Kingston University.

We also have many members from many other British universities such as Cranfield University, University of Bath, University of Sussex, Oxford Brookes University, the University of Manchester, the University of Reading, the University of Birmingham, the University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield, and the University of Warwick.

Half of our membership is international including women from Copenhagen Business School, Erasmus University, Maynooth University, Osaka University, RMIT University, Tilburg University, Tübingen University, Toulouse Business School, University of Melbourne, and Vienna University.

For more details on our meetings see here. A quick overview of past presentations can be found here. We maintain a readings and inspirations section for female academics, a LinkedIn group, and hashtags #cygna_london and #cygnawomen. For a full description of our network see: Celebrating CYGNA: Supporting women in academia.

If you are interested in being on the mailing list and/or attending our events please contact Anne-Wil Harzing ( Feel free to share this information to anyone who might be interested.

Watch a brief video on CYGNA at my YouTube channel