How to get published in top journals?

The second book in my "Crafting your career in academia" series

Over the years, I have given a lot of advice on getting your work published. This is not surprising as publishing our research is one of the most important aspects of our academic careers. I therefore decided to collate all this information into a short, accessible guide, published in the series Crafting your career in academia.

Books in this series are reasonably priced to make them accessible for individual academics, as well as universities who would like to bulk-buy books for their staff members. Reviews for this book can be found here. Further details can be found below.

This book should be helpful for novices and more experienced academics alike. The former will acquire comprehensive knowledge that will leave them better prepared to tackle their first publication. The latter will pick up tips and tricks that both reinforce and update their publication experience to date.

Publication details 

Harzing, A.W. (2022) Publishing in academic journals: Crafting your career in academia, Published by Tarma Software Research Ltd, London, United Kingdom

  • Black & white paperback, 130pp. ISBN 978-1-7396097-2-6.
  • Kindle edition, 142pp. ISBN 978-17396097-7-1.
    • $6.95,  Amazon US, £5.95  Amazon UK
    • also available on other national Amazon stores. 

Book description

Want to progress in academia? I provide you with step-by-step guidance on publishing in academic journals, leaving you better prepared to climb the academic career ladder. You will learn how to get started with paper writing through chapters on the four Ps of publishing, keeping up to date with the literature, doing a literature review with the Publish or Perish software, finding out which journals publish on your topic, and targetting the right journal. Find out how to get past the first hurdle in the peer review process, the desk-reject, focusing on titles, abstracts, introductions, and conclusions. Learn how to use references strategically, how to write a good letter to the editor, and get tips on all the other things you can do to improve your chances.


The first thing many PhD students and early career academics want to know is how to get their papers published, preferably in a good journal. I don’t pretend to be the world’s greatest expert on this, but I have published nearly 100 peer-reviewed articles since 1995, many of which in the top journals in my field. So, this short book documents the experience I have gathered over the years. This book is made up of two key parts:

  • Getting started with paper writing. This includes chapters on the four Ps of publishing (Chapter 1), How to keep up to date with the literature (Chapter 2), Doing a literature review with the Publish or Perish software (Chapter 3), Finding out which journals publish on your topic (Chapter 4), and Targeting the right journal (Chapter 5).
  • A structured approach to ensuring that your paper gets past the first hurdle in the peer review process: the desk-reject (Chapter 6). I focus on titles (Chapter 7), abstracts (Chapter 8), introductions (Chapter 9), conclusions (Chapter 10), using your references strategically (Chapter 11), writing a good letter to the editor (Chapter 12), and the other things you can do to improve your chances (Chapter 13).

I hope this book will help to demystify the topic of journal publishing and provides you with the necessary tools to be successful in your own publishing efforts. I would love to hear from you if you feel this book has helped you.

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