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Who do you want to talk to? Targeting journals [2/8]
24 May 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Explains why choosing your target journal is the most important step in the publication process

What do you cite? Using references strategically [7/8]
03 Oct 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Shows you how references can save you hundreds of words and position your paper

Publications by year
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
All of Anne-Wil's publications organised by year

Publications by type
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
All of Anne-Wil's publications organised by type (journal articles, books, chapters, conferences, white papers, etc.)

06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Short resumé of Anne-Wil Harzing including academic experience, research interests, publications, reviewing/editorial experience, and other service to the academic community

Avoid a desk-reject for your article
01 Nov 2021 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Collates links to all eight blogposts in the how to avoid a desk-reject series

Journal of Global Mobility Best EURAM paper
04 Jun 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Shea Fan's paper "The Benefits of Being Understood" won the best paper award of the standing track on Expatriation

Twenty-three articles with free publisher access
04 Dec 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Alerts reader to free access of official publisher versions of my articles

Last impressions count too! The importance of conclusions
08 Mar 2017 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Warns against ending your academic article with your study's limitations

How to avoid a desk-reject in seven steps [1/8]
10 May 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Introduces a 7-step process to increase your chances of getting your paper into the review process

Your title: the public face of your paper [3/8]
14 Jun 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Illustrates how to create a good title through an iterative process

Writing your abstract: not a last-minute activity [4/8]
28 Jun 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Explains what needs to be included in an effective abstract

Your introduction: first impressions count! [5/8]
11 Sep 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
What are the elements of an effective introduction: context, importance and interest

Conclusions: last impressions count too! [6/8]
18 Sep 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Last but not least: conclusions are a crucial part of your paper's key message

Want to publish a literature review? Think of it as an empirical paper
23 Apr 2021 - Tatiana Andreeva
What to consider if you want to publish a literature review paper

Do you really want to publish your literature review? Advice for PhD students
20 Jun 2021 - Tatiana Andreeva
Why publishing your literature review as your first paper may not be a good idea

Research Methods in IB – Trends and Future Agenda
03 Oct 2021 - Jelena Cerar
Reports on an AIB 2021 conference panel on research methods in International Business

The ins and outs of experimental research in IB and Management
23 Oct 2021 - Carys Chan
Reports on two professional development workshops on experimental research at the 2021 AIB and IACMR conferences

Free articles on (journal) rankings
04 Dec 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Provides a list of my articles in the area of journal rankings that are freely accessible from the publisher

Middlesex University Business School top-ranked in REF 2021 for research impact
30 May 2022 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Short write-up of the Business School's exceptional performance in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework Exercise in the UK

Why do I need to write a letter to the editor? [8/8]
16 Oct 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
The last step in the submission process is an important means to "sell" your paper to the journal

Managing the Multinationals: An international study of control mechanisms
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Full information about the published version of my PhD dissertation

Ten career-best publications
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Choice of ten career-best articles in 2011

06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Overview of books and links to other publications

Doing International Research
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Useful websites, papers and presentations for doing international research

Free articles on citation analysis
04 Dec 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Provides a list of my articles in the area of Bibliometrics that are freely accessible from the publisher

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