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Managing the Multinationals: An international study of control mechanisms
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sat 20 May 2017 18:49
Full information about the published version of my PhD dissertation

Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sun 7 Jan 2018 13:14
Home page of Anne-Wil's website

Babel in Business: The Role of Language in International Business
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Mon 8 Jan 2018 16:12
My inaugural lecture at Middlesex University, Wednesday 13 April 2016

Why is learning the host country language important for expatriates?
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sat 6 Jan 2018 15:49
A new online paper on the impact of host country language learning on expatriate local relationships in China

Managing Expatriates in China: A Language and Identity Perspective
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Tue 12 Dec 2017 15:29
Full information about our research monograph in the Palgrave Studies in Chinese Management series

Language in International Business: A review and agenda for future research
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sun 26 Nov 2017 09:33
A new online paper reviewing 264 articles on language in IB

The many benefits of a shared language in multinationals
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Mon 11 Sep 2017 18:00
Reports on a study outlining the relationship between shared language and knowledge flows

Transfer of HRM Practices in MNCs
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sat 29 Apr 2017 12:47
Research program 4: an insight into the interplay of cultural, institutional and organisational factors that affect the transfer of HRM practices across borders.

HQ-Subsidiary Relationships in MNCs
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sat 29 Apr 2017 12:37
Research program 2: MNC typologies, entry modes, country-of-origin, subsidiary typologies, MNC knowledge flows, and language in HQ-subsidiary relationships

New research monograph: Managing expatriates in China
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sun 21 Jan 2018 07:48
Introducing my new research monograph with Ling Zhang and Shea Fan

Hablas vielleicht un peu la mia language?
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Mon 11 Dec 2017 11:27
Systematically reviews the impact of language differences on the HQ-subsidiary relationship

International HRM & Staffing Policies
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Wed 20 Sep 2017 09:22
Research program 1: International HR, expatriation, inpatriation, knowledge sharing and identity confirmation

Language in International Business
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Mon 14 Aug 2017 12:58
Research program 5: Language barrier and its solutions, language in HQ-subsidiary relationships, language and cooperative vs. competitive behaviour

How to manage multi-lingual teams?
Helene Tenzer - updated Wed 20 Dec 2017 17:18
Discusses Helene Tenzer's exciting research about the challenges of multi-lingual teamwork

Free articles in international business
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sat 9 Sep 2017 08:00
Provides a list of my articles in the area of international business that are freely accessible from the publisher

EURAM 2017: Famous scholars in expatriate studies
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Fri 7 Jul 2017 19:07
Reports on my presentations at the EURAM 2017 conference and a symposium on famous scholars in expatriate studies