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AIB 2020 Online - my first virtual conference
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Fri 14 Aug 2020 15:35
Brief report on the AIB virtual conference in July 2020

AoM 2020 online - my second virtual conference
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Fri 14 Aug 2020 14:52
Brief report on the AoM virtual conference in August 2020

2nd CYGNA Global Virtual Meeting: MBTI & Stress
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Mon 3 Aug 2020 18:13
Reports on our 32nd CYGNA meeting - our second virtual meeting discussing stress trigger factors for different MBTI types

1st CYGNA Global Virtual Meeting: Coping with a Pandemic
Anne-Wil Harzing - updated Sat 27 Jun 2020 17:27
Reports on our 31st CYGNA meeting - our first virtual meeting dealing with work-life balance during a pandemic

Saturday night fever during a pandemic
Michela Vecchi - updated Fri 1 May 2020 15:59
Discusses research on the positive effects of dance on physical health, cognition and well-being

Introducing online teaching as a response to COVID-19: Lessons from our experience
Katsuhiko Yoshikawa - updated Wed 8 Apr 2020 10:33
A very useful personal reflection on experiences with online lecturing

How social & behavioural science can support COVID-19 pandemic response
Valerio Capraro - updated Thu 26 Mar 2020 08:52
Introduces a very timely paper on the role of social and behavioural research in the current crisis