9 pages tagged "cultural distance"

How to address your teacher?
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Documents large differences between countries in the way students normally expect to address their teachers.

The International Research Process
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Research program 3: Loosely coupled projects or articles that focus on research process issues in international research: discarding the myths of expatriate failure rates, European homogeneity, the cultural distance concept. International mail surveys: timing, response rates, response styles

Hablas vielleicht un peu la mia language?
31 Aug 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Systematically reviews the impact of language differences on the HQ-subsidiary relationship

Twenty-three articles with free publisher access
04 Dec 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Alerts reader to free access of official publisher versions of my articles

The importance of context in International Business
24 Jan 2019 - Anne-Wil Harzing
A critical analysis of the use of cultural distance in international business

Should we distance ourselves from the cultural distance concept?
27 Apr 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Argues IB research would do well to reconsider its fascination with distance measures

Country of origin matters for multinationals too
23 Jan 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Reviews my research on country-of-origin effects on MNCs over the last 15 years

MNC entry mode: it is not just about choice!
28 Apr 2019 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Reviews my research on entry mode choice including some unpublished work on management of different entry modes

Culture shock
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Explaining culture shock and how to deal with it