This section contains a collection of resources that might be of interest to people studying and researching in International and Cross-cultural Management. It also presents resources to assist with academic publishing and the assessment of research and journal quality, as well as software to conduct citation analysis.


Resources on this web site

Publish or Perish A citation analysis software program which helps academics to present their case for research impact to its best advantage.
Journal Quality List Ranking of academic journals in the field of business and management.
Blogpost collections Overview of blogposts on the themes: academic publishing, research impact, doing international research, academic etiquette, using the PoP software, academic careers, gender in academia, research focus and conference reports.
Frontine IB interviews Links to a collection of interviews with important scholars in the researcher field of International Business by Ilgaz Arikan.
Middlesex events Overview of seminars and events organised at Middlesex University Business School.
Academic publishing resources Papers and links about the academic publishing process, research quality and research impact.
Online papers Electronic pre-publication versions of all of my papers in the fields of international management and bibliometrics.
White papers & presentations White papers and presentations about topics relating to bibliometrics, research quality, and international research.
Inspirational readings Articles on doing research that matters and interviews with inspirational female academics
Doing International Research Materials relating to the practice of doing international research.
Living and working abroad Personal reflections on living and working abroad, in particular Australia and the United Kingdom.
External resource collections Links to external resources in the area of cross-cultural, international management as well as the publication process.
Spreadsheet Hofstede and/or Globe cultural dimensions for a total of 98 countries in one spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet Cultural distance indices for 40 countries (composite Malalanabis based on Hofstede, Globe and Schwartz; traditional Euclidean Hofstede index; Ronen & Shenkar clusters). Data used in Beugelsdijk, S, Kostova, T, & Roth, K (2016). An overview of Hofstede-inspired country level culture studies in international business since 2006. Journal of International Business Studies, doi:10.1057/s41267-016-0038-8

Collections of links to external resources

Please note that these links are provided for your convenience only; I do not accept responsibility for their actual contents or their continued availability.

Universities world-wide

Klaus Förster has been maintaining a searchable database of universities worldwide with links to their websites for as long as I have been maintining my own website, i.e. since 1999. Well done Klaus! (World-wide) (United States)