White papers and presentations

This page lists Anne-Wil's white papers and presentations. For more of Anne-Wil's publications, see:

White papers

Year Title
2018 Gender bias and meritocracy: How to make career advancement in Economics more inclusive
2017 The mystery of the phantom reference - [Press coverage in Retraction Watch, The Times and a wide range of Science blogs]
2017 The four C's of getting cited
2017 Running the REF on a rainy Sunday afternoon: Do metrics match peer review?
2016 The four P's of publishing
2016 Do Google Scholar, Scopus and the Web of Science speak your language?
2016 Sacrifice a little accuracy for a lot more comprehensive coverage
2015 From h-index to hIa: The ins and outs of research metrics
2012 How to become an author of ESI Highly Cited Papers? See also Scams rock academic publishing.
2011 Gender and geographical diversity in the editorial board of the Journal of International Business Studies (with I. Metz)
2010 Citation analysis across disciplines: The impact of different data sources and citation metrics
2010 How to address your teacher? Country differences in preferred ways of address for university teachers
2010 Working with ISI data: Beware of categorisation problems
2008 Comparing the Google Scholar h-index with the ISI Journal Impact Factor
2007 Key Issues in International Survey Research (with B.S. Reiche)
2007 Reflections on norms for the h-index and related indices
2007 Google Scholar - a new data source for citation analysis
2007 Reflections on the h-index
2000 Writing coursework assignments
1997 Musings of a recent graduate


Year Title
2019 [PDF] Middlesex University Boot-camp: Publishing in top journals: How to avoid a desk-reject
2019 [PDF & recording]  Fostering research impact through social media
2018 [PDF] How to ensure your research achieves the impact it deserves
2018 [PDF] English as a Lingua Franca in Academia
2018 [PDF] Building your academic brand through engagement with social media
2018 WAIB Panel: Academic career strategies for women in the UK
2018 [PDF] Low hanging fruit or mature wine: Balancing your research portfolio
2018 [PDF] Middlesex University Boot-camp: Publishing in top journals: How to avoid a desk-reject
2017 [PDF] Why metrics can (and should?) be applied in the Social Sciences
2017 [PDF] Babel in Business: An experimental approach to studying the impact of foreign language use on thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in the workplace
2017 [PDF] Building your academic brand through engagement with social media
2017 [PDF] Practice with PoP: Key use cases
2017 [PDF] Citation metrics across disciplines: Google Scholar, Scopus and the the Web of Science
2017 [PDF] Publish or Perish: Realising Google Scholar's potential to democratise citation analysis
2017 [PDF] Writing for publication
2016 [PDF] Benchmarking research performance
2016 [PDF] What can we learn from academic impact: a short introduction
2016 [PDF] Language in Academia, what can we learn from research in International Business and Bibliometrics
2016 [PDF] Babel in Business: The role of language in international business [inaugural lecture at Middlesex University]
2015 [PDF] Practice with PoP: How to use Publish or Perish effectively
2014 [PDF] From publication to impact (slides) - 30 minute presentation (courtesy of Middlesex University)
2011 A 15-minute audio & slide presentation on citation analysis and Publish or Perish can be found on slideshare.
2008 [PDF] The value of Google Scholar for extended impact monitoring
2008 [PDF] Publish or Perish - How to publish in top journals and get cited
2006 [PDF] How to build networks and publish in Management?
2006 [PDF] Research quality - a comparative perspective
2005 [PDF] Research quality, journal rankings and the RQF
2002 [PDF] How to survive international mail surveys