Harzing.com paper series

Introduces the Harzing.com paper series

The Harzing.com paper series features occasional papers about issues and people I care about. It currently contains three sections. Click on the link to go to the relevant section.

  • Wives of the Organization:  a set of four papers around the general theme of the role of women in the workplace
  • Obituaries: memories about academic colleagues who passed away
  • Bibliographic analyses: a series of analyses of the scholarly writings of deceased AIB Fellows by Anne-Wil in her role as AIB Fellows Bibliometrician 

Wives of the Organization

I am delighted to launch this series with a set of four papers around the general theme of the role of women in the workplace. It starts with Anne Huff's "Wives of the Organization" paper, a paper that has led an underground existence for nearly two decades and has lost none of its currency. Hence, I am thrilled to finally see this paper published and hope that it can benefit a new generation of academic women (and men!).

The paper is followed by two commentaries, written by Joyce Fletcher, Marta Calás and Linda Smircich, as well as a short rejoinder by Anne Huff. The papers are introduced by Alison Konrad and Anne Huff. I trust you will enjoy this exciting exchange.


A paper by my former PhD supervisor - Arnd Sorge - written in remembrance of Professor Cornelis Lammers (1928-2009). It is a testament not only to Cor Lammers' contribution to organisation theory, but also to Arndt's reflective and observational skills, combined with honesty, and sprinkled with a healthy dose of humour.

A paper by EIBA Fellow Vítor Corado Simões to commemorate seven prominent EIBA members.

Bibliographic analyses for AIB Fellows

A series of analyses by Anne-Wil in her role as AIB Fellows Bibliometrician. Anne-Wil has been an AIB Fellow since 2019.