A tribute to Thomas Hippler (1972-2018)

Introduces an academic reflections and personal messages book to celebrate Thomas Hippler and his work

Thomas Hippler
Thomas Hippler (1972-2018)

In early May 2018 the expatriate research community received the sad news that Thomas Hippler - who was a prominent researcher in the field - had been diagnosed with an agressive brain tumour a few months earlier. Thomas ultimately passed away in November of the same year.

To give Thomas and his mother some comfort during their last months together, we asked Thomas' friends and colleagues from the academic community for photos and stories about their work and time with Thomas, and presented the results as two bundles to Thomas and his mother in late May 2018, just before his 46th birthday.

The first bundle includes academic reflections on Thomas' published and unpublished work by his co-authors and colleagues. The second includes personal memories and messages that reminded Thomas of happier times in his life. Both bundles are now, with minor alterations, available for download. With thanks to all the contributors for sharing their stories and photos.