Avoid a desk-reject for your article

Collates links to all eight blogposts in the how to avoid a desk-reject series

My series on how to avoid a desk-reject has been very popular over the years. However, it is hard to get an overview of the recommendations and to navigate between the blogposts. On this page I have therefore included links to all eight separate blogposts as well as all of their sub-sections. Above you will also find a playlist of seven videos dealing with each of the eight steps. It was created for the Middlesex University writing bootcamp, but will be useful for all.

How to avoid a desk-reject in seven steps [1/8]

Who do you want to talk to? Targeting journals [2/8]

Your title: the public face of your paper [3/8]

Writing your abstract: not a last-minute activity [4/8]

Your introduction: first impressions count [5/8]

Conclusions: last impressions count too [6/8]

What do you cite? Using references strategically [7/8]

Why do I need to write a letter to the editor? [8/8]