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Collates links to all ten blogposts in the academic promotion series

In 2018 I wrote a 4-part blogpost series on internal vs external promotion in academia. In 2021, I added a 6-part blogpost series with tips and guidelines for internal promotions. They turned out to be among the most popular posts on my blog. However, readers have indicated that it is a bit tricky to get an overview and to navigate between the blogposts.

On this page I have therefore included links to all ten separate blogposts as well as all of their sub-sections. You can also download the slides of a presentation I gave at the CYGNA women's network here: It is so unfair! Internal vs. external promotion [presentation download]

Finally, academics often struggle to "calibrate" what is expected of them at different career stages. I have found this British Academy of Management Framework to be very helpful in this respect and I highly recommend it.

Links to all ten blogposts

Part 1: Internal vs. external promotion

Part 2: Seven reasons why external promotion is easier

Part 3: Seven advantages of internal promotion

Part 4: Tips for promotion applications

Academic promotion tips

Over the years, I have worked with many colleagues on their internal promotion applications to Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, and full Professor. In doing so, I came up with tips and guidelines that may be helpful for you too.

Academic promotion tips (1) - Understand the process

Academic promotion tips (2) - Treat your application as a journal submission

Academic promotion tips (3) - Evidence your impact in Research & Engagement

Academic promotion tips (4) - Evidence your impact in Teaching & Learning

Academic promotion tips (5) - Evidence your impact in Leadership & Service

Academic promotion tips (6) - Craft your career narrative

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