Frontline International Business interviews

Since January 2021 Ilgaz Arikan has been conducting interviews with senior scholars in the field of International Business in the Frontline IB Conversations series. This video series was developed to introduce the IB community to the people behind some of the most widely cited studies in our field. The interviews are also available as podcasts on all services, including Spotify, Amazon, Google, Apple, Tune In, and iHeartRadio.

I was honoured to participate in this series and thoroughly enjoyed my interview (you can watch it here). Ilgaz is a brilliant interviewer and had designed a wonderful series of questions allowing viewers to get a real insight into these IB academics as a person, a researcher and a mentor.

The first question "what did you want to be when you were a child" was a brilliant opener of the personal section. It was great fun listening to my colleagues and learning who wanted to be a train/bus driver, ballet dancer, archeologist, oceanographer, detective, professional football player, or translator. It was also interesting to hear how many of us are fascinated by history.

The question "how would you explain your research in a country pub" was a fantastic segue to the researcher section. Some of us clearly had an easier time with this question than others! Finally, the mentor section with "the best piece of advice you received" and "top-3 mistakes to avoid" is a treasure trove for junior and not so junior academics. Highly recommended!

Alphabetical list of Frontline IB interviews

This is the list as of 8 October 2021. I will be adding new interviews once a month, so please check the AIB Frontline conversations webpage if you want to watch the most recent interviews.

Aguinis, Herman Child, John Hennart, Jean Francois Pedersen, Torben
Ariño, Africa Contractor, Farok Hitt, Michael Parkhe, Arvind
Alvarez, Sharon Coviello, Nicole Khanna, Tarun Peng, Mike
Ambos, Tina Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro Kundu, Sumit Ramamurti, Ravi
Barnard, Helena Delios, Andrew Kotabe, Mike Rangan, Subi
Barney, Jay Devinney, Timothy Kwok, Chuck Rose, Elizabeth
Beamish, Paul Doh, Jonathan Lessard, Donald Shaver, Myles
Benito, Gabriel Dhanaraj, Charles Lundan, Sarianna Shenkar, Oded
Birkinshaw, Julian Eisenhardt, Kathleen Lyles, Marjorie Teagarden, Mary
Brannen, Mary Yoko Ghauri, Pervez Madhavan, Ravi Teece, David
Buckley, Peter Govindarajan, Vijay Meyer, Klaus Yeung, Bernard
Cantwell, John Guillén, Mauro Mudambi, Ram Yip, George
Casson, Mark Gupta, Anil Nachum, Lilac Zaheer, Srilata
Chang, Sea-Jin Harzing, Anne-Wil Narula, Rajneesh Zahra, Shaker

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