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Recommended books and articles

Below are some publications that I have found helpful in preparing papers for publication.

  • Abby Day (1996): How to get research published in journals, Gower Publishing Limited, Aldershot, ISBN 0-566-07767-1 (pbk), 0-566-07886-4 (hb).
  • Anne Sigismund Huff (1999): Writing for scholarly publications, Sage Publications, Inc., ThousandOaks, ISBN 0-7619-1804-3 (cloth), 0-7619-1805-1 (pbk).
  • Robert I. Sutton, Barry M. Staw (1995): What Theory is Not, Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 40, pp. 371-384.
  • David A. Whetten (1989): What Constitutes a Theoretical Contribution?, Academy of Management Review, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 490-495.
  • Allen S. Lee (1995) Reviewing a Manuscript for Publication, Journal of Operations Management, vol. 13, no. 4, pp.87-92. Available online...

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