Readings and inspirations

Doing research that matters

  • Adler, N.J. (2008). I am my mother's daughter: early developmental influences on leadership. European Journal of International Management, 2(1): 6-21. Available online...
  • Adler, N.J; Harzing, A.W. (2009). When Knowledge Wins: Transcending the sense and nonsense of academic rankings, The Academy of Management Learning & Education, 8(1): 72-95. Available online...
  • Adler, N.J., & Hansen, H. (2012). Daring to Care Scholarship that Supports the Courage of Our Convictions. Journal of Management Inquiry, 21(2): 128-139. Available online...

My blogs on gender in academia

Interviews with inspirational female academics

Interviews with a range of inspirational female academics, all of whom have combined doing research that matters with a stellar academic career. Most of them all appeared in journals published by Emerald, a publisher that wants to make a difference by linking research and practice.

Interesting blogs, websites, books

  • Academic men explain things to me, a blog about mansplaining in academia, hilarious and sad in equal measure. No longer seems to accept new postings, but there are 74 pages of posts to "enjoy".
  • Huff, A. (1990). Wives of the Organization, Anne Huff's insightful paper on how many academic women (and some men) take on the role of "wives of the organization". The role involves taking on many academic activities that, although essential to the smooth functioning of a university, are rarely rewarded or even consciously noticed, much like cooking the daily family dinner. Although written 25 years ago, it has lost none of its relevance.
  • Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers. About the many behaviors that women learn in girlhood that ultimately sabotage them as adults.
  • Mayer, D. (2017). How Not to Advocate for a Woman at Work, Harvard Business Review, 17 July.
  • Bahn, K. (2014). Faking It: Women, Academia, and Impostor Syndrome