The Cygna charter

Documents our CYGNA charter

By remaining on our mailing list you signal that you support our CYGNA charter.

CYGNA ethos

CYGNA is a friendly, kind, inclusive, and supportive community, providing a safe space / place to exchange ideas, share experiences, provide advice, inspire, and learn. To maintain our ethos, our members are expected to follow the following principles:

  1. Respect and nurture CYGNA's ethos by modeling the above behaviour, both within and outside meetings.
  2. Ensure meeting invites stay within the network only; an exception can be made for female colleagues of the local host.
  3. Keep discussions in CYGNA sessions and on the mailing list fully confidential. 

Rules of engagement for online meetings

We want to make sure that our online meetings are a secure and safe place for everyone to share their views. Therefore, we would like to ask you to help us by adhering to the following additional principles:

  1. Try your best to join the meeting on time. Our meetings are not run in a webinar setting and speakers see the audience. So it is a bit disruptive for the speaker if many members drop in late.
  2. Ensure your Zoom name includes your first and last name, and that your Zoom profile includes a photo and ensure you are muted when you are not speaking.
  3. Switch on your camera when joining a CYGNA Zoom meeting. You may switch off the camera later if needed.

All the above is for our own security and safety and to make sure that we continue to enjoy pleasant and inspiring meetings. 

What if I can't attend a meeting after all?

We are aware of and sensitive to the multiple demands on your time, and so we of course understand if you register but then cannot attend.

But please remember that event organisers are volunteers who put considerable time and commitment into preparing an engaging CYGNA event for participants and they often need to estimate attendance to plan activities.

So if you know it is unlikely you will attend, please register when you are more likely to attend than not; and if you are registered but cannot attend, please let organisers know in advance. 

What does CYGNA mean to its members?

At our 50th meeting we also asked members to share a few words about what CYGNA meant to them on a Padlet. We think the result is pretty amazing :-).

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