10-year Anniversary event

Programme page for our 10-year anniversary event

CYGNA Women in Academia Network was established in June 2014, with the main objective of promoting networking and research collaboration among female academics. It provides an international forum for learning and support and allows members to develop their academic careers in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. You might like to peruse a full overview of Cygna's history and our growing list of Frequently asked questions and Conference meet-ups.

10-year anniversary event

The 10-year anniversary event - our 60th meeting - will provide participants with an unparalleled opportunity to learn and network in person with other CYGNA members from around the world. The event will lead to a significant number of research collaborations as well as valuable international connections for teaching and external engagement. Thus, it will not only benefit participants, but also universities sponsoring their attendance.

The full programme of activities can be found below. You can also download it in all its glory as a pdf file here. A big big thank you to the CYGNA Anniversary organising team (Anne-Wil Harzing, Christa Sathish, Ciara O'Higgins, Clarice Santos, Annie Wei, Argyro Avgoustaki, Joanna Karmoska, Ling Eleanor Zhang, Satkeen Azzizadeh, Sylwia Ciuk, and Tatiana Andreeva) for devoting their time and energy to this important cause. You can find out more about the CYGNA team here: Cygna videos: expanding the team.

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