International Human Resource Management

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International Human Resource Management

Anne-Wil Harzing and Joris Van Ruysseveldt (eds.), © 1995 Open Universiteit, Heerlen - Published by SAGE Publications Ltd., London, 384 pp. ISBN 0-8039-7950-9 and ISBN 0-8039-7951-7 (pbk).

(Note: This is the first edition; the second edition appeared in 2004; the third edition appeared in 2011, the fourth edition in 2014, and the fifth edition in 2019.)

This comprehensive textbook offers an integrated introduction to the strategic, organizational, human resource and industrial relations issues posed by internationalization.

Throughout the world, organizations increasingly function on an international basis. Multinational corporations require not only coordination of international strategy, but also the people and organization to implement it. Outlining the consequences of internationalization both for management and generally, and for human resource policy and practice in particular, the book encourages students to develop their understanding of the processes involved and to formulate their own strategic solutions.

The text covers four major areas:

  • The changing international context of contemporary business, and its implications both for general company strategies and for human resource strategy.
  • National differences in human resource management and their effects on organizational and personnel policy in multinational corporations.
  • The practicalities of appointing and managing an international staff, including the processes of assessing and rewarding the managers.
  • Questions of industrial relations and industrial democracy, and their relation to the functioning of multinational corporations.


Students, academics and professionals in human resource management, industrial relations and international business.

Table of contents

Foreword and Introduction - Arndt Sorge

Internationalization: Context, strategy, structure and process

  • Internationalization and the international division of labour - Anne-Wil Harzing
  • Strategic planning in multinational companies - Anne-Wil Harzing
  • Organization structure of multinational companies: Theories and models - Jaap Paauwe and Philip Dewe
  • Human resource management in multinational companies: Theories and models - Jaap Paauwe and Philip Dewe

Personnel and organization from a comparative perspective

  • Cross-national differences in personnel and organization: Describing and explaining the variations - Arndt Sorge
  • The "culture" factor in personnel and organization policies - Rene Olie
  • Compensation and appraisal in an international perspective - Ed Logger, Rob Vinke, Frits Kluytmans
  • Human resource development and staff flow policy in Europe - Marcel van der Klink, Martin Mulder

Managing an international staff

  • Composing an international staff - Malcolm Borg, Anne-Wil Harzing
  • Training and development of international staff - Kerstin Baumgarten
  • Women's role in (international) management - Hilary Harris
  • Compensation and appraisal of international staff - Ed Logger, Rob Vinke

International business, industrial relations and industrial democracy

  • International human resource management and industrial relations: A framework for analysis - Willem de Nijs
  • National variations in worker participation - Hans Slomp
  • Multinational corporations and industrial relations: Policy and practice - Ulke Veersma
  • European social policy and European industrial relations - Ad Nagelkerke