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HQ-Subsidiary Relationships in MNCs
06 Feb 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Research program 2: MNC typologies, entry modes, country-of-origin, subsidiary typologies, MNC knowledge flows, and language in HQ-subsidiary relationships

Cultures & Institutions: country-of-origin effects in MNC “ethnocentric” staffing practices
16 Apr 2021 - Katsuhiko Yoshikawa
Introduces our new article in Organization Studies on reframing our perspectives on "ethnocentric" staffing

Beyond ethnocentrism: why do MNCs send their nationals to subsidiaries?
02 Dec 2021 - Hyun-Jung Lee
Reframing our perspectives on "ethnocentric" staffing: a new article in Organization Studies

Of bears, bumble-bees and spiders & who's in charge?
26 May 2019 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Summarizes my research in the field of MNC staffing policies

English as a Lingua Franca in Academia
07 May 2018 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Reports on my presentation at Manchester Metropolitan University

The importance of context in International Business
24 Jan 2019 - Anne-Wil Harzing
A critical analysis of the use of cultural distance in international business

Should we distance ourselves from the cultural distance concept?
27 Apr 2016 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Argues IB research would do well to reconsider its fascination with distance measures

Country of origin matters for multinationals too
23 Jan 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Reviews my research on country-of-origin effects on MNCs over the last 15 years

The golden triangle: standardization, localization or dominance?
02 Mar 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Illustrates the convergence to a world-wide best practice model for human resources