4 blog postings June 2020 - June 2020

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Writing your abstract: not a last-minute activity [4/8]
28 Jun 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Explains what needs to be included in an effective abstract

LIS-Bibliometrics 10th anniversary event: The Future of Research Evaluation
21 Jun 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Listing of all video recordings at the LIS-Bibliometrics 10th year anniversary conference

Your title: the public face of your paper [3/8]
14 Jun 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Illustrates how to create a good title through an iterative process

1st CYGNA Global Virtual Meeting: Coping with a Pandemic
06 Jun 2020 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Reports on our 31st CYGNA meeting - our first virtual meeting dealing with work-life balance during a pandemic