4 blog postings February 2024 - February 2024

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Longitudinal analysis of an author's citation metrics
26 Feb 2024 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Shows you how to use the Publish or Perish software to track your citation metrics over time

Top-50 academics in Business & Management worldwide: new 2023 ranking
19 Feb 2024 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Analysis of the top-50 most highly cited academics in Business & Management and its increasing level of diversity over the years

Writing promotion applications (6): What if you are rejected?
12 Feb 2024 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Last of six posts on writing effective promotion applications

CYGNA meet-up at AoM 2023 in Boston
05 Feb 2024 - Ciara O’Higgins
Report and pictures by members of the CYGNA network at the AoM 2023 conference