CYGNA meet-up at AoM 2023 in Boston

Report and pictures by members of the CYGNA network at the AoM 2023 conference

With the 2024 AoM deadline just passed it seems like an opportune time to share this belated write-up of the wonderful face-to-face connections we made within the CYGNA network at the Academy of Management meeting in Boston. Let's hope we can have an equally nice meet-up in Chicago in 2024.

Over 20 Swans attended the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston. AOM is not an easy conference at which to organise a meet-up, because Swans belong to and attend different division activities at different hotels around the city.

However, we still managed to have an active WhatsApp group that allowed us to keep in touch, and thanks to the persistence of Tatiana Andreeva, we finally found a slot to meet and have dinner together.

Smaller groups of CYGNAs joined forces in attending conference socials and receptions of different divisions – for example, those organized by the Human Resources, Organisational Behaviour, Entrepreneurship and International Management divisions.

Aneeqa Suhail, Deirdre Anderson, Tania Biswas and Ciara O’Higgins at the CYGNA dinner

Ciara O’Higgins, Jelena Cerar and Tatiana Andreeva at the IM Division Reception

Also noteworthy is that a number of CYGNA members were recognised for Best Reviewer, here are those from the International Management (IM) Division.

Tania Biswas, Cordula Barzantny, Ciara O’Higgins and Rany Salvoldi

Finally, our very own Swan Rany Salvoldi was nominated for the IM Division CEIBS Best Paper Award, with her paper What’s in it for the Worker? Nonmobile Global Work, Structural Conditions, and Paradoxical Thinking.

How was the initiative received

The wordcloud of the answers provided speaks volumes, as do selected comments.

I knew I wasn’t alone, which was helpful at such a large, overwhelming conference .
Establish more personal relationships with colleagues is very nice through our Cygna events and then to meet at various conferences is a plus!
I was part of a community and not just a lonely junior scholar

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