5 blog postings April 2021 - April 2021

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Ambidexterity in MNC knowledge sourcing in emerging economies: a microfoundational perspective
30 Apr 2021 - Anne-Wil Harzing
Announcing my new paper with Middlesex colleagues Mariana Dodourova and Shasha Zhao

Want to publish a literature review? Think of it as an empirical paper
23 Apr 2021 - Tatiana Andreeva
What to consider if you want to publish a literature review paper

Cultures & Institutions: country-of-origin effects in MNC “ethnocentric” staffing practices
16 Apr 2021 - Katsuhiko Yoshikawa
Introduces our new article in Organization Studies on reframing our perspectives on "ethnocentric" staffing

Social Media in Academia: Using LinkedIn to promote your research
08 Apr 2021 - Christa Sathish
Tips and tricks for using LinkedIn to promote your research

Turning ethnic similarity traps into social advantages
02 Apr 2021 - Shea Fan
Introducing Shea Fan's work on the double-edged sword of ethnic similarity, similarity traps and similarity advantages