4 blog postings June 2018 - June 2018

(*Starred titles refer to featured blog posts)

CYGNA: Resource collection for the summer holidays
Anne-Wil Harzing - published Mon 25 Jun 2018 12:09
Collates resources for all CYGNA meetings beween mid 2014 and mid 2018

On academic life: collaborations and active engagement
Anne-Wil Harzing - published Tue 19 Jun 2018 07:09
Discusses Martyna Sliwa's articles on the different rationalities underlying research collaborations and the need to get involved in managing and shaping the university organizations we work for

Language effects in international mail surveys
Anne-Wil Harzing - published Sun 10 Jun 2018 09:10
Explains how questionnaire language might influence the responses received in cross-cultural research

CYGNA: Careers, mobility and belonging: foreign women academics in the UK
Anne-Wil Harzing - published Sat 2 Jun 2018 11:49
Reports on our 15th CYGNA meeting with a special emphasis on the challenges for female foreign academics in the UK