CYGNA: Resource collection for the summer holidays

Collates resources for all CYGNA meetings beween mid 2014 and mid 2018

Since moving to the UK, I have been involved in running CYGNA. The network was established in June 2014  as a combined initiative of Argyro Avgoustaki, Ling Eleanor Zhang, and Anne-Wil Harzing, later joined by Shasha Zhao. The name CYGNA comes from the female version of the Greek word for SWAN (Supporting Women in Academia Network). The main objective of the group is to promote interaction among female academics based in the London area and to provide a forum for learning, support, and networking. We typically hold four or five meetings a year with a mix of presentations and informal discussions. A quick overview of the topics covered can be found here. Yearly meeting overviews with pictures can be found here

CYGNA meetings 2014-2018

Over the last few months I have been writing up blogposts relating to our prior meetings. Here is a list of all of them. Some are more detailed than others as I did this retrospectively, so I don't remember as much from the earlier meetings. We are also missing pictures and presentations for many of the early meetings, and many of these meetings featured research presentations which are not as interesting to a larger audience as the more generic presentations. Therefore, I have combined the 2014-2016 meetings into two bigger topics.

CYGNA meetings 2019-onwards

From 2019 onwards I have written up separate blogposts for each meeting. Here is the - continuously growing - list.

Publish or Perish related presentations

During the CYGNA meetings I also gave regular presentations (see picture) about citation analysis and the use of my Publish or Perish software. However, most of these presentations have now been improved for other purposes. Here are some blogposts relating to this:

6th meeting

Drop me a line and have a nice Summer

If you’d like to join the CYGNA network, just drop me an email. This will be my last post before my Summer blogging holiday in July and August. The British summer is too short to spend more time behind your computer than is strictly necessary. Have a great summer all! I'll see you back early September with a post on Internal vs. External promotions.