4 blog postings June 2021 - June 2021

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Hello from the other side: Reflections on a decade at the editor’s desk
Anne-Wil Harzing - published Sat 26 Jun 2021 13:11
Reports on David Collings' look behind the scenes of an editor's job in the Middlesex MLO seminar series

Do you really want to publish your literature review? Advice for PhD students
Tatiana Andreeva - published Sun 20 Jun 2021 08:20
Why publishing your literature review as your first paper may not be a good idea

CYGNA: Women management scholars leading REF impact case studies
Anne-Wil Harzing - published Sun 13 Jun 2021 15:23
Reports on our 40th CYGNA meeting with a focus on the (limited) role of women academics in REF impact case studies

Changing academic culture: one email at a time...
Anne-Wil Harzing - published Sun 6 Jun 2021 05:54
Shows how we can all contribute to making academia a nicer and kinder place to be