No search selected

Placeholder dialog box when no search is selected

The No search selected pane appears if no search is selected in the search list. It allows you to create a new search in the current search folder; alternatively, you can select an existing search in the search list to work with that search. The No search selected pane contains separate push buttons for each of the available data sources, plus one to import external data.

Tip: For more information about the available data sources, see the help topic Data sources.

Button Description
Crossref Creates a new Crossref search
Google Scholar Creates a new Google Scholar search
Google Profile Creates a new Google Scholar Profile search
Microsoft Academic Creates a new Microsoft Academic search
PubMed Creates a new PubMed Search
Scopus Creates a new Scopus search
Web of Science Creates a new Web of Science search
Import External Data... Opens a standard Open dialog box that lets you choose a file of external data to import