Publish or Perish survey

Explains why we conduct an online survey about Publish or Perish

Requests permission to open your web browser and go to the Publish or Perish online survey. Your answers to this survey will help us understand how Publish or Perish is used and how we can make it even more useful in the future.

The survey is anonymous, we won't share your answers with third parties*, and we have no commercial objectives of any kind. You are only doing us a favor.

  • Click Go to survey to take the online survey,
  • Not now to be reminded at some other time, or
  • No, thanks to decline the survey and not be reminded again.

You can also (re-)take the survey at any time by using the Tools > Take Online Survey command on the main menu.

*We may publish a summary of the survey results in statistical form, for example n% of our users use Publish or Perish for literature research.