Select Google Scholar Profile

This dialog box appears after you have started a Google Scholar Profile query and there are two or more (partially) matching profile. It displays the matching profiles and allows you to select the desired profile for the actual profile lookup.

Field name Description
(main list)

Matching Google Scholar profiles, with the following columns:

  • ProfileID - The internal Google Scholar profile ID. This profile ID is meaningless outside of Google Scholar, but uniquely identifies the profile within.
  • Profile name - The name assigned to the profile by the profile's owner. Typically, this is the author's name in a format defined by the author his/herself.
  • Affiliation - Affiliation and sometimes academic position assigned to the profile by the profile's owner.

You can select the desired profile from the list by single-clicking on it, then clicking OK to accept the selection. Alternatively, double-clicking a profile in the list will select and accept it in a single action.

You can cancel the remainder of the query by clicking on the Cancel button or by pressing the Esc key.