Web of Science sign in

The Web of Science sign in dialog box appears automatically when you perform a Web of Science query but are not currently signed in to a Web of Science session. The dialog box explains the various sign in options (see below); it contains the following fields:

Field name Description
(main text field) General explanation of the sign in process and its various options.
Anonymous sign in Choosing this option instructs Publish or Perish to attempt an on-site sign in without the use of any specific credentials. It consists of contacting the Web of Science server for authorization based on the network address of your computer and will only work if your computer resides on the network of an organization (such as a university) with a valid subscription to Web of Science.
Direct sign in This option requires a valid user name and password that correspond to a subscriber account known to Web of Science. Publish or Perish will then offer these credentials to the Web of Science server. This option will only work if you have a valid (potentially roaming) Web of Science account.
Web page sign in This option uses a separate web browser window to sign in to Web of Science using their standard sign in page. This sign in page offers individual as well as institutional sign in options; choose the one that is most suitable to your (or your organization's) subscription.
Sign in Click this button to sign in to Web of Science with the chosen method, then close the dialog box.
Cancel Click this button to dismiss the dialog box without signing in to Web of Science.