Data sources

Publish or Perish is a software program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations from external data sources; it does not include a database of its own.

The currently available data sources are:

Please note: We cannot guarantee the continued availability of any of these data sources. The Publish or Perish software has been continuously maintained and updated since 2006, and during that time we have seen many changes to data sources and their content. Although we have been able to keep Publish or Perish compatible with whatever data sources and information were available at any time, unforeseen circumstances may force us to (reluctantly) abandon one or more data sources.

Your continued support and advocacy of both the Publish or Perish software and the external data sources that we use (notably, Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic) will help to ensure that you and we can keep using Publish or Perish in the future. Thanks in advance for your support to Publish or Perish.