Journal search

Please note: This page refers to both Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic journal searches.

For important background information, see:

Tip: For many additional use cases relating to journal searches see the Publish or Perish Tutorial.

How to perform a Journal search

To perform a basic author search:

  1. Enter the full [Microsoft Academic; Google Scholar] or partial [Google Scholar only] journal name in the Publication/Journal field;
  2. Please note: Microsoft Academic does not return any results if you only provide a partial journal title.
  3. Click Lookup or press the Enter key.

The program will now contact Google Scholar or Microsoft Academic to obtain the citations, process the list, and calculate the Citation metrics, which are then displayed in the Results list. The full list of results is also available for inspection or modifications and can be exported in a variety of formats.

Please note: A journal query in Google Scholar is not the same as a standard Google Scholar search (i.e., from the Google Scholar home page); it is more specific. If you want to duplicate the results from a standard Google Scholar search, then follow the instructions on the General search page.

Refining your analysis for Google Scholar searches

In many cases, the list of results for Google Scholar searches will contain works of journals that are not the intended journal. This is particularly the case if you search for single publication years. If this happens, you can refine the citation search and analysis with one or more of the following methods described in detail in the Publish or Perish Tutorial.

Both Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic allow you to restrict the year range in a journal search. This means that you can search for single years or a range of years. For more details see: Journal search: Year restrictions.

In addition Google Scholar allows you to search for chapters in an edited volume. For more details see: Journal search: Edited volumes. Unfortunately, Microsoft Academic does not (yet) provide this option; in general its coverage of book sources is much weaker than Google Scholar.

Support Publish or Perish

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