What's new in Publish or Perish

Below is an overview of the new features and improvements that have been made to Publish or Perish. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the new features. You can download the latest public software release from the Publish or Perish download page.

Release Build Changes
6.21.6145 6594 Various small improvements in HTTP response handling
6.20.6110 6560 Added h-index and g-index citation counts and coverage to full query report
6.19.6109 6557 Added age-weighted citation rate to full query report; added two new columns to results CSV export format
6.18.6032 6516 Strike-through results from Google Scholar Profile are now disregarded in metrics calculations
6.17.6021 6512 Added free Microsoft Academic support, courtesy of Microsoft Research
6.16.6003 6507 Minor internal cleanup
6.15.5992 6503 New major version with additional data sources and Full Query Report
5.39.5981 6496 Minor update for minor change in Google Scholar data format
5.38.5975 n/a Internal updates backported from PoP6
5.37.5954 6485 Added exception handler block around IE cleanup
5.36.5945 6482 Backported various small corrections and improvements from PoP6
5.36.5936 6477 Further minor adaptations to changed data formats
5.36.5931 6476 Adapted to changes in Google Scholar data formats
5.35.5922 6475 Yet more Google CAPTCHA processing added
5.34.5917 6473 Google CAPTCHA support is now permanently enabled
5.33.5916 6471 PoP now automatically adjusts Internet Explorer's Scripting setting if required for Google CAPTCHAs
5.32.5905 6467 Added reminder to update Internet Explorer if Google CAPTCHAs are not working
5.31.5815 n/a Switched to 2017 runtime libraries
5.30.5805 n/a Minor internal cleanup
5.29.5793 6409 Added auto-scrolling during drag & drop in various lists and trees
6403 Changed embedded URLs to HTTPS
5.28.1 6296 Updated Microsoft Academic query URL
5.28.0 6296 Added internal support for localized author names, titles, etc. during external data imports
5.27.3 6296 Changed default text code page to 1252 for external data imports
5.27.2 6281 Updated PoP web links
5.27.1 6277 Removed auto-quoting from Google Scholar Publication field; it did more harm than good.
5.27.0 6259 Added various backward compatibility hacks for Windows XP/Internet Explorer 8-based systems
5.26.2 6249 Fixed (rare) Google Scholar Profile annual citation parsing issue; added Affiliation and Study field query fields to Microsoft Academic Search parameters
5.25.2 6208 Various minor consistency improvements in UI; cleanup of now obsolete items
5.25.1 6206 Microsoft Academic metrics now use estimated citation counts, after testing showed them sufficiently accurate
5.25.0 6201 Switched to web-based help pages
5.24.1 6182 Various internal improvements
5.23.1 6146 Increased Yellow and Red request rate limits for MAS v2; they were very conservative
5.23.0 6142 First public Publish or Perish 5.x release
5.22.0 6139 Query parsing for both Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic improved
6139 New Preferences settings for maximum number of results per query per data source
6139 More UI tweaks and cleanup; PoP now fits (just) on an 800x600 screen
5.21.0 6137 Lots and lots of internal tweaks, better consistency throughout the UI
6137 Reintroduction of the 4.x Recent/Older queries folders, renamed to My Queries/Saved Queries
5.20.0 6131 Overhaul of internal command handling
5.x.x 6xxx Many hundreds of internal changes, complete UI redesign, addition of new data sources